January 17, 2009

Naked Hawkman

Tribal44, who sent in this scan, summed up how I feel about this scan in his email, "My dream came true, Hawkman naked. My god."


doug said...

I love that this issue was "approved by the Comics Code Authority"...does the CCA even exist anymore?
Do they really review the comics that carry their seal? DC should just dump the code.

Marvel's confusing ratings system isn't any better.
They should just use the same as the MPAA -
G - Jonny DC
PG - most titles
PG-13 - more violent titles
R - Frank Miller crap
NC-17 - Vertigo

Anonymous said...

Lovely scene, shame about the art.

Xavier said...

Arf, in my dreams, Hawkman is certainly not smooth like that. Pencilled by someone like Sean phillips, this would have been dramy.

Anonymous said...

when did that happened? @_@

Boxie said...

all i can do is smile at that. I like the art.


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