May 7, 2011

Batman & Nightwing: Shirtless Together (Again!)

Batman and Nightwing both shirtless, in the same issue! Again! These scans are from Catwoman Vol. #36, which is actually the continuation of the Legacy crossover, and it picks up right after the events of the Bat-beefcake fest that is Detective Comics #700 so the boys just haven't had time to put shirts on. Unfortunately, we only get a few panels this time and the quality of the art is not on par with the previous issue. Bruce & Dick look bit off.


Anonymous said...

Batman only has one rule when it comes to the Batwing: "No Shirts Allowed In The Batwing".

pandesal said...

lol, I wish Tim also followed that rule! Alfred on the other hand, can keep his shirt on. XD


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