May 23, 2011

Aquaman & Mera

Time for some Atlantean beefcake. In our recent poll "Who is the Hottest Atlanean King?", Aquaman beat out Namor, getting 67% of the votes. In Aquaman Vol. 7 # 14 Arthur & his lovely wife, Mera get it on right there in the ocean! These scans were brought to you by Terry.

EDIT: Correction! DAN let us know that that actually isn't actually Mera, but a  fangirl fantasizing about getting it on with Aquaman.


DAN said...

This actually was NOT Mera, just a fan girl imagining a tryst with Aquaman in this issue, and gossiping with friends about it.

Anyway, still HOT, I'm glad Arthur won the poll, he infinitely more likeable and sexy than Namor. :)

pandesal said...

Aw, thanks for the correction DAN.

I was pleasantly surprised that Aquaman won that poll. I assumed that since Namor shows more skin that he'd win, but he was handily beaten by Arthur, who got 203 votes while Namor only got 99.


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