May 23, 2011

Ant-Man's Public Nudity

I love public nudity scenarios. And it doesn't get more public that it did in The Ultimates #2 in which a giant-sized naked Hank Pym gets his picture taken and endsup in the front page of The Daily Bugle. Too bad they blurred out his Giant-Sized Man-Thing! These scans were brought to you by our old buddy Croup! Visit his awesome stash here (nsfw).

According to Croup:

Hank Pym, aka Ant Man is forced to use his size-altering powers to save a teammate. However, there's one little problem . . . while his costume is specially made to allow for expansion, he's not wearing it at the moment. His civilian clothes burst under the strain, and before he can cover up an over-eager reporter has snapped a photo. Next morning, guess whose butt made the front page of the Daily Bugle? (never say Jonah Jameson doesn't know how to sell a paper!)


Sidious said...

Thanks so much for posting this!
I have read about this scene but never got the chance to actually see it myself, and I absolutely love it! XD
Did Ant Man have any kind of a reaction to seeing his censored naughty bits on display for all to see in the newspaper?

DAN said...

Hilarious! Loved this moment, although Ant-Man was such a scumbag in the Ultimates books. :(

pandesal said...

@Sidious. Nice to hear from you again, Sid! Sorry, I haven't read this issue so I don't know his reaction to his ass-tastic Daily Bugle frontpage pic.

@DAN, yeah, Ultimate Hank Pym is not a nice man! I used to like the Ultimate titles but since Ultimatum hit, I haven't read a single issue.

Fábio Alves said...

I'm dirty. I read "The Daily BULGE".


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