February 6, 2013

Mass Effect 3: Renagade Shepard & Steve Cortez Post Gay Sex

Time of some more Mass Efffect 3 beefcake. In this installment of the franchise, Male Shepard is apparently bisexual and has 2 possible gay romance options and its about damn time, Female Shepard (affectionately known in fandom as FemShep) has been bi since the first game.

I've already posted Shepard & Kaidan's love scene, now here are some caps featuring the Commander & Lt. Steve Cortez, a new character who serves as a pilot on the Normandy. Cortez his gay, he had a husband & everything.

The Shepard/Cortez love scene is not as hot as the one featuring Shepard/Kaidan. We don't see them tumbling around the sheets, no affectionate touching, they even cut away just as they are about to kiss. We only see them after they've done the deed, all cuddly in Shepard's bed.

Also to change things up, these caps feature Renegade Shepard in all his glowy face glory, as opposed to the regular Paragon Shepard.


DAN said...

Glowing face = creepy, don't think a guy looking like this would get lucky in real life, the other guys would stay away, anyway this probably shocked some gamers, not only is it gay but interracial too! XD

pandesal said...

Yeah, but Shepard has had inter-species sex, so I guess interracial homosexual sex is normal by comparison. XD

(Note to self, create screencaps of Shapard having inter-species sex)/


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