February 27, 2013

Ultimate Spider-Man & Friends on the Beach

I've decided that for this weeks updates will all feature screencaps from various superhero animated movies & series. Hope you guys like 'em!

First up, from the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Snow Day". Spidey and his teammates Nova, Power Man, Iron First & White Tiger decide to go on a little vacation on a deserted tropical island which, of course turns out to be not deserted at all. And what would a day on the beach be without a little shirtless fun?

Speciall thanks to Coonfoot for letting us know about the USM shirtlessness You can visit his awesome blogs:

*edited to correct White Tiger's name (she ain't Tigra!) and to add a screencap featuring a shirtless Thor on the cover of a romance novel. Thanks to Zach & Sid for the correction. Also edited to credit Coonfoot.


DAN said...

Very cute, and they actually included nipples which is always a bonus in animation! :)

Zach said...


By the way, it's White Tiger not Tigra.

Sidious said...

Yeah, Zach is right.
The female member of the gang is White Tiger, not Tigra.
Also, I'm surprised that you didn't include a screencap of when they reveal that she's reading a steamy romance novel about Thor called Thundering Hearts! Complete with cover art featuring a shirtless god of thunder! XD

Ken Ohki said...

It's good to see every cartoon show now includes manly nipples @_@

I don't like superheroes shows but I can't avoid watching this kind of episodes.

Oh, Manly tits! :3

pandesal said...

@DAN, yeah i'm lovin' the nips. :)

@Zach, thanks for the correction regarding White Tiger's name. I guess I've been watching too much Thundercats. lol

@Sid, I didn't realize that the guy on the romance novel cover was Thor! I'm definitely adding that cap.

@Ken, yeah, I really hate it when they show shirtless dudes without nipples, which was the norm in old animated series. I wish anime would follow the trend and draw guys with nips too.

Coonfoot said...

Thanks for crediting me! Even though you forgot an o in my name.

BTW, there's more shirtlessness in a few other episodes. Near the end of "Venom," we get to see Iron Fist in his undies and around the beginning of "For Your Eye Only," Spidey takes off his shirt.

pandesal said...

Oh my! Sorry for misspelling your name Coonfoot. How embarassing! And thanks for letting me know which episodes to cap.

BTW, I have some screencaps featuring shirtless toon guys, if you want, I can send them to you.

César Hernández-Meraz said...

Iron Fist!

Can't wait to watch this series!

PeruAlonso1 said...

Would it be possible to do screencaps of Barry Allen/The Flash from Batman The Brave and the Bold's Four Star Spectacular?

jimboylan2 said...

Super heroes in board shorts? They must be body doubles. I'm too used to real D.C. superheroes who wear men's briefs.

hotbatrobin said...

More of iron fist ( Dani rand) muscle please

Shirtless Pandesal said...

Your wish is my command, hotbatrobin. Stay tuned. :)


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