February 27, 2013

Young Bruce Wayne Working Out

That's right ladies & gentlemen. Young Bruce Wayne working out in nothing but short shorts & socks. Talk about pandering to the fangirls (and fanboys)! Screencaps from Batman: Year One.


DAN said...

Okay, but missing nipples in some shots and no chest hair! In this day and age they could at least attempt giving some animated versions of characters chest hair! Anyway still a great adaption of the story, DC should let their animation division supervise their live action projects too!

pandesal said...

I know right? the animated movies (and series) really are so much better than their live action efforts.

I'm also disappointed by the lack of nipples.

Anonymous said...

Old post, but here's a higher-res version of this scene:

Also, for what it's worth, here's Lt. Jim Gordon from the same movie:

Here's Ra's al Ghul from Batman: Under the Red Rood:


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