February 9, 2013

Save Young Justice!

It appears that Young Justice has not been renewed for a third season. Cartoon Network recently announced their schedule for next season and both Young Justice & Green Lantern: The Animated Series are not included in their DC Nation block. Although it has been revealed that GTAS has been cancelled, there is still no word on the fate of YJ.

Don't take these boys away from my TV screen!

Its time to give back, people! How many time has this show given us beefcake (and cheesecake). Not to mention this is one of the best written, best animated & best designed animated shows in recent memory.

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Last week's #SaveYJandGLTAS tag became a trending topic and may have helped last weeks episode to achieve the best ratings of the season. This weeks hashtag #AntiReach also trended. Hopefully if Cartoon Network (or any othe network that would be willing to pick it up) will realize how popular the show is and renew it.

Watch the show!
As I mentioned above, the episode which aired right after it was revealed that the show is not in next season's schedule had a good ratings bump. Hopefully if the ratings stay up for the rest of season 2, we might get season 3.


DAN said...

Sad, DC's media projects are falling apart, the Justice League movie might get cancelled again, and now their 2 series on Cartoon Network are being cancelled, CW's (Green) Arrow has also dropped in ratings too although I'm still enjoying it and hoping for another season at least for Laurel to became active as Black Canary finally! :(

pandesal said...

DC Nation is still on Cartoon Network they just have 2 new shows that will replace YJ & GLTAS next season. The new shows are Beware the Batman & Teen Titans Go (a revival of the old Teen Titans cartoon).

The state of the DC movie properties is just sad, Marvel's got 'em beat. Other than the Dark Knight Trilogy, they really haven't launch a successful franchise. I hope Man of Steel will change that.

I haven't watched Arrow yet, but I might give it a show specially since they just cast Colton Haynes as Roy Harper!

Arion said...

It definitely is the best animated series I've seen in the past 15 years or so. I absolutely LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, the best animated Superhero show since "Batman: The Animated Series". It will be a pity if it ends after this season. There's much more to explore. Complex characters, thrilling stories (Haven't enjoyed a show's twists like this since "24") and best of all, like B:TAS, it treats it's audience with respect.
Most people STILL, after all these years, regard animation as something just for children. I'm 26 years old, and love this show and if I were 8, would love it just as much.

pandesal said...

I argee with you guys. This is one of the best comic book adaptations in any medium. Great writing, animation and voice acting.

I think part of the problem is that the network wants to appeal to the kids demographic, and they don't really care about the adults who watch the show. Also, the failure of the toyline was probably a big factor as well. Some consider American cartoons as nothing more that 30 minute commercial for licensed merchandise.

Then again, Teen Titans are being revived after a 7 year absence so maybe there is still hope for a season 3 or a sequel series for YJ.

Anonymous said...

If there's one thing Family Guy has taught us, it's that if the fans want it back bad enough, with a little support (and patience) it can come back.

What it also taught me is that once something comes back from the dead, you ask yourself, "Why DID I want this back, exactly?"

pandesal said...

That's such a great description of the state of Family Guy. I used to like it but i don't even bother to watch it at all.


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