February 16, 2013

Save YJ & GLTAS: Tweet #LoveLanternJustice

I'm gonna post new stuff tomorrow. This mini-post is just to let you guys know about the hastag for the Save Young Justice & Green Lantern: The Animated Series initiative for Febuary 16, 2013. It's #LoveLanternJustice. Begin tweeting this hastag 15 minutes before the shows start airing tomorrow  For details, scroll below. 

Oh, and for legality, here's a  banner I made featuring 3 shirtless heroes (and a bikini-clad heroine) to honor the occasion.

Reminders from purlsbeforewine

We’re coming up fast on the next livetweet of Green Lantern the Animated Series and Young Justice, so here are a few quick reminders of things to do and not do!

Use the tag #LoveLanternJustice starting at about 9:45AM Eastern, fifteen minutes before DC Nation begins with GLTAS. Do not use the tag before Saturday morning! Continue using it steadily throughout the block and, if you so choose, throughout the day. :)

PLEASE make sure that you capitalize and spell the tag as it is here: #LoveLanternJustice Last weekend many people tagged their tweets not with #AntiReach but with #antireach or #anitreach; neither will be collated in with the main tag’s trending potential (even if #antireach showed up on the tag). You MUST use the EXACT tag.

Do not use any other tags in your tweets. Just #LoveLanternJustice - extra tags will render your tweet void to Twitter’s algorithms.

Retweets DO count towards the tag’s tweeting potential!

Don’t tweet too often! If you tweet more than 100 times in an hour, you can land up in “Twitter jail.” That means you can’t tweet or retweet anything! So, try to pace yourself!

Please spread the word! Ratings were down a bit for both GLTAS and YJ this last weekend (though the ratings for the encore presentations on Sunday went up, which is awesome!), so we need to work to show Cartoon Network that we’re still here and still devoted to getting these shows renewed! And please make sure everyone knows these simple guidelines!

So, remember: this Saturday (February 16), starting at 9:45AM Eastern time, tag your tweets with #LoveLanternJustice as you watch BOTH Green Lantern the Animated Series and Young Justice. Symbiosi! All will be well!


DAN said...

Good luck with this! I just found out Arrow was renewed early for another season, I hope the same happens for these great shows too!

BTW, The new Hawkman banner is really hot, wish DC would release a second Hawkman omnibus which would include that panel along with the rest of Joe Bennett's sexy art! :)

DAN said...

Yay, just realized the new banner art is from the New 52 Savage Hawkman series, meaning Joe Bennett's awesomeness has returned to Hawkman! I'll have to pick up the trade of his issues, glad a new creative team has come as the first storyarc on Savage was pretty awful and I HAD to drop it fast. Bennett and Rags Morales are the two best Hawkman artists, so this is really exciting for me! XD

pandesal said...

I'm glad you like the new banner. Isn't Joe Bennett's Hawkman gorgeous? That scan is from Hawkman #9. I'll post more scans from that issue soon.

I'm sad to report that The Savage Hawkman has been cancelled, #20 will be the last issue. And just when they got the right artist!

Anonymous said...

Aside from watching it, along with petitions, I think what fans should do is actually WRITE emails to CN. Let them KNOW, "Hey, this is the best animated series on right now. Let's keep it around for a bit. Screw your toy sales."

Something along those lines


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