October 22, 2012

Match: That Other Hot Teenaged Superman Clone

To me, Superboy is basically Young Justice's Mr. Fanservice. The way he's designed, his frequent shirtlessness, his constantly torn clothes and the fact that (at least for the first season) both his female teammates have major crushes on him (Artemis: "Mmmm, that boy...") make it obvious that one of the reasons he's there is to make the fangirls (and fanboys *ehem*) squee. So it should come as no surprise that another Kryptonian clone who looks almost exactly like him would be good beefcake material as well.

In "Agendas", Conner visits Cadmus Labs and unwittingly releases Match, another teenaged Superman clone, think Evil Conner with black eyes, more powers and less talking. This version of the characters seems to be an amalgam of Match & Superboy-Prime in the comics.

Conner's gets clothing damage too! Duh


DAN said...

Can I have a Super-Clone too, PLEASE!!! ;) Boy this show had beefcake every week, wish it was on network tv! Saturday morning would be something to look forward to again with this show!

César Hernández-Meraz said...

Ha! Was he going for a reverse S symbol, or was it a dumb mistake?

DAN said...

@ Cesar, I think the "S" direction on him was intentional because he was supposed to be be an evil mirror reflection of the regular, I think the comics counterpart had his "S" facing the opposite of the regular Supes too.

pandesal said...

@DAN, well it's not every week, but there's enough beefcake in this show to make any beefcake lovin' fanboys/girls satisfied. :)

@Cesar, the reverse S was probably intentional. The character is supposed to be dumb, he basically is a blank slate, he has no memories & can't even speak. And as DAN said, it could also be a homage to Bizzarro.

César Hernández-Meraz said...

I thought it could be his intention all along, although I did not know for sure and it would have been fun if that had not been the case.

I think I have only read a story featuring Match, back on the old Young Justice (comics) days.


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