November 22, 2008

Batman: Tenses Part 1

Vespa331 sent in these scans from a while back (sorry it took me so long to post it Vesp). Here are some panels from the Bruce Wayne beefcake fest, also known as Batman: Tenses. And this is just part one!

According to Vespa331:
It was actually kind of weird, because these scenes have absolutely nothing to do with the story. I think they just didn't have enough of an idea to fill the book, so they threw in a bunch of sweaty Bruce, scarred Bruce, Bruce walking in the snow in his underwear...but hey, he looks totally hot so I'm not complaining.

1 comment:

Xavier said...

It's hot as hell, especially the close up in the snow! That's weird that Alfred is nowhere to be seen, usually, he's never very far when Bruce is half naked... Is that Cully Hammer on art?
Thanks for the tip, that's a must buy for sure! :p


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