January 8, 2014

Young Angel Hotness in X-Men Season One

Warren Worthington fangirls & boys, brace yourselves! We have hit the motherload of all Angel beefcake! Our favorite winged hunk appears shirtless in several times in the X-Men Season One one-shot.The other original X-boys also go bare-chested. Gonna post those later. Special thanks to @PepperMonster for reminding me of this glorious issue.

Not sure if Jean is shocked by his wings or by his hotness

The money shot

Oh Jean, stalker much?

Shirtless Angel to the rescue.

Such a ladies man.

Metal tentacle rape?

All wet


Anonymous said...

Nice first post of 2014. If I may be so bold to suggest, check out Ultimate Spider-Man episode 4 titled "Venom" featuring Ironfirst stripped down shamelessly to his briefs and mask.

Only good part in a show that's been otherwise terrible and a disgrace to the Spider-Man character.

I think Ironfist is the only good thing about it because he speaks so little

César Hernández-Meraz said...

It is so rare that comic books show armpit hair on heroes other than Wolverine, but Warren kept his for this (athough it looks too dark). I see Peter Parker shows some on last post, too.

I will be expecting pics of Bobby from this book.

Arion said...

Lovely Jamie McKelvie art! I must buy this issue, if only for the, eh, pretty pictures.

kevinfior said...

Looks pretty cool

pandesal said...

@Cesar Yeah, armpit hair in comics is pretty rare but Jamie McKelvie as a very realistic art style when it come to anatomy. Chekout his Marvel Boy: http://shirtless-superheroes.blogspot.com/2013/02/marvel-boy-dances-in-his-undies.html

@Yeah, McKelvie is awesome. Love his work on Young Avengers & I'm a little sad that he'll be leaving the book soon.

@kevinfior, yeah love the art. Check out the scans I posted featuring Iceman from the same issue: http://shirtless-superheroes.blogspot.com/2014/03/iceman-in-cheek-chillers.html


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