February 17, 2008


Specia thanks to Reikro for theses awesome scans from Cuda, a short-lived series from Avatar Press. Warning: gore and nudity (male and female) ahead. NSFW!

According to Reinard:
This is Cuda, by artist Tim Vigil. Published by Avatar Press, Cuda: An Age of Metal and Magick stars barbarian Cuda who travels with a female companion to the Black Tower of Caleth-Mah-Esh (where do they get these names from?), battling savage beasts along the way. The comics were all in black & white, but each issue was available with a variety of covers ie, standard, gore, and nude. Here are a few scans of the better covers. Be warned that they do feature gore and female nudity.


K▲LIGUL▲ en Kandor said...

Ey, this isn´t shirtless, this is topless porn!!!


Fantastic blog.

pandesal said...

I know their naked, but technically they're shirtless too, as the do not have shirts on.

Umm, do I have to change the name of the blog to "Shirtless or Nude Superheroes" ;)


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