February 11, 2008

Martian Man-Hotness

Time for some green-skinned beefcake, brought to you by Vespa331. I never realized how kinky J'onn is until I saw these scans.

According to Vespa331:
In Justice League Task Force was a very special story where J'onn shapeshifted into a woman in order to investigate a subterranean world of women. Or something like that. I was distracted from the plot by Joan J'onnz wearing a metal bikini and getting engaged to the hermaphrodite queen. J'onn decides that gay sex is just a bit too far, and shifts back into a guy. J'onn is wearing just this little thong for the rest of the comic. So weird. These scans are from issue 8, but I think the story started a couple comics before this.

From Martian Manhunter #30. J'onn and John Jones have seperated, so this is some J'onn/John action. Does that count as masturbation? (J'onn's actually helping him to control some mind-drug-thingy that's making him go crazy, but it just looks so dirty...)

1 comment:

steverm said...

A *REAL* superhero would have done what it takes to keep his cover... HA!


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