February 20, 2008


This is a the first part of some Damage-centric scans brought to you by Vespa331.

According to her:
Damage gets shirtless in his first comic and spends most of the next couple comic shirtless. I mean, for like the entire comic, he just never puts a shirt on. The smug shower scene could not be more gratuitous. But the greatest thing about the Damage comic was that not only was Grant shirtless a lot, so were his friends and enemies. And the only cheesecake was one short scene where a chick answers the door in a nightie, and one of his nude enemies is a chick (but just for one panel). It's like a beefcake manifesto.

1 comment:

steverm said...


Love all the detail here, and notice a trend: near nipple is sweetly three dimensional, far nipple is a hint of a pencil eraser. VERY VERY VERY VERY well done!


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