March 15, 2011

John Stewart in Bed

Here some old school John Stewart beefcake from Green Lantern Vol. 2 #165. Those Guardians are so inconsiderate! John and his girlfriend were getting it on in the privacy of their bedroom when one of those short blue men popped his big ol' head in without even knocking. But at least he had a good reason for doing it... to avoid the possible extinction of the human race!

And here's something new, War of Green Lanterns, a new storyarc/crossover that will run from March to May 2011. Judging from the following image, it seems that we can expect some GL beefcake. Look at all the clothing damage!


SallyP said...

You really just can't go wrong with shredded Green Lantern uniforms.

pandesal said...

Yes, it's quite popular with the masses. lol


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