March 30, 2011

Naked Hyperion

Supreme Power is full of beefcake. Whether its because their costumes are ripped off during a fight or because they've just had sex with a hot alien babe, there's plenty of eye candy in this title. Which is only fair since the heroines in this book are like, naked all the time! Its nice that we get some beefcake with our cheesecake. Edit: Just wanted to add that the art was done by the great Gary Frank.

The following scans are from Supreme Power Vol. 1 # 18. In this particular instance, Hyperion gets really pissed off and flies into space and back again. His flight space-ward tears his shirt off while his re-entry takes care of his pants, leading to a bare butt shot.


DAN said...

Gary Frank is such a great artist, wish he'd tackle an ongoing series again, haven't seen much from him recently.

pandesal said...

Yeah, Gary Frank is great! He draws hot men (and women too). Totally underrated. I first discovered his awesomeness in "Midnight Nation". He and Straczynski are a winning combination.


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