November 15, 2012

SwordQuest: Waterworld

Here are some scans from the final entry in the Swordquest series, Waterworld drawn by the legendary George Perez. The twins loose their memories and are separated. Torr stumbles upon a water breathing Green chick who makes him her consort while Tarra hooks up with some pirates. Can I just say that I like that the brother was the one who became a consort dressed in skimpy clothing while the sister became a butch pirate. It almost always the opposite of what happens.

So that's it for SwordQuest folks, Airworld was never made & the story (and the game series) remain unfinished.


DAN said...

Love those crazy outfits, Perez really should have designed and done casting for some 80's sword and sandal type action movie, seriously what a missed opportunity, could you imagine how awesome it would have looked! :)

pandesal said...

Oh, that would have been glorious! I would imagine that his costumes would look a lot like Grell's Warlord outfits, but with more bling. lol

César Hernández-Meraz said...

This is the issue (and game) that I owned.

I really liked it, even as a small kid who did not understand English.


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