November 15, 2012

Shirtless Superboy in Handcuffs

In Superboy #13, NYPD Detective Jocelyn Lure, wearing some a fancy outfit and some cool gear goes to Superboys apartment for a "friendly chat", but when she discovers that he has piles of money laying around in his room, so she did what any law enforcement officer would do, wake the boy up at gunpoint, handcuff him and allows the suspect to fly her away from the evidence. Good job, officer. Oh, and this all happened while Conner is in nothing but his undies. Hooray for fanservice! I like me some light Superboy bondage.


DAN said...

A little too slender of a Superboy for my tastes, but this artist shows promise but their work still looks kinda uneven to me, it'll be interesting to see if their art will evolve some more.

pandesal said...

I actually think RB Silva's art has gotten a lot better since the first issue. I like his work now, but when Superboy #1 came out I hated it. He's improved a lot since then.


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