November 8, 2012

Nightwing Shirtless in Games

Nightwing's Disco costume is back! Well, at least it was before Dick took of the top part to give us some eye candy, I mean, have his injuries treated. The following scans are from New Teen Titans: Games, a oneshot that was originally supposed to have been published in the 80's (during the height of NTT's popularity) but which has only been recently completed & published in 2011. I loved revisiting this incarnation of the team. It was nice to see the "Discowing" costume one last time before the reboot, Donna's original Troia costume & Beast Boy's mullet? Not so much.


DAN said...

Loved this book, Games was such a great and fun nostalgic look back at how Perez & Wolfman should have ended their run on Titans back in the 80's. Wish there was some more beefcake though!

pandesal said...

I know, right?! I would have loved to have more panels featuring a shirtless Nightwing, I also wouldn't have mind if the rest of the boy's lost their shirts as well. XD


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