May 22, 2009

Animated Superman & Lex Luthor

Vespa331 shares with us these scans from the comic book adaptation of the World's Finest Batman/Superman movie:

According to her:
From Batman/Superman Animated (the comic adaptation of the animated movie) comes one of my favorite scenes ever - Superman wandering around his room shirtless while Batman watches him through binoculars. Awesome. Superman says "Touche" because when he met Batman he peeked and found out that he was Bruce Wayne, so Batman put a tracer on him to find out he was Clark Kent.

Bonus Lex Luthor after a workout!


Xavier said...

So, in fact, Batman is peeping Toming on Superman? :p

Anonymous said...

Someone should post pictures of Teen Clark Kent from the episode "New Kids in Town". They should probably post pictures of Shirtless Rex from Generator Rex. Pictures from the show Ultimate Spiderman would be good too. Even pictures of the Burners from that episode of Motorcity ("Ride the Storm", I think) is nice as well.


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