March 27, 2008

Spider-man vs Venom: Battle in Briefs

Special thanks to Scott F. shares with us this delightful find of his. He found it on a website called I-Mockery.

According to Scott:
Originally presented in Amazing Spider-Man #317, by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane. Spiderman, for some reason takes of his costuume, wearing ntohing but tight red briefs, he battles venom, who's suit tries to attack patar, leaving them both in their undies.

I haven't found any of the actual texts, but this page:

Has all of the pages, but sort of completely messed up the words.


Soup said...

Nice to see you posting again! I always like when the symbiote leaves Venom, because Eddie Brock is such a stud underneath it.

pandesal said...

Hello soup aka croup! Expect more Eddie Brock hotness in future posts.

Anonymous said...

Can you do a nude of Eddie


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