January 27, 2016

Dick Grayson & Tiger: Sexy Spyral Spies

In Grayson #16, both Dick & The Tiger have a Casino Royale/Dr. No/Daniel Graig moment! I'm really enjoying this book. Not only does it have great writing and amazing art, but they keep delivering the eye candy!


Fábio Máximo said...


I love Dick Grayson aaaannnnddd his (boy)friend Tiger!!!!!!!!!

Good Lords!!!!!

Miguel Angel said...

wow, hot hunks! are there more scans of them??

Midnight Jake said...

Oh thank god you're back. I'd check every week or so but...yeah, try not to be gone so long this time

Shirtless Superheroes said...

@Fabio, I ship them so bad!

@Miguel, there are more scans of shirtless Dick, but this is the first (& so far only) Tiger beefcake.

@Midnight Jake, Yeah sorry for the long, unannounced hiatus. But I'm bak now!

Anonymous said...

Honestly? A bit gratuitous, but it works, given the inherent ridiculous of the premise: Dick Grayson, secret agent whose secret identity is everyone knows who he is.


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