December 1, 2012

Captain Britain Clothing Damage

In Excalibur Vol. 1 #10, Captain Britain battles his Nazi doppelganger, Hauptemann Englande wearing his old costume which he borrowed from a museum  The old treads are clearly too small for him now, which results in much clothing damage (and eye candy).


DAN said...

Loved Brian having to squeeze into his old uniform that no longer fit his beefier body! LOL That bit was especially funny, oh how I miss the old Excalibur series and its humor. Current Marvel basically acts like Brain and most UK characters (and humor too) are unimportant or just don't exist.

pandesal said...

I agree, I loved how whimsical & funny Excalibur was. You get the impression that Claremont had fun writing it. I miss this team!


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