July 30, 2016

Batman's Sexy Workout

Batman is off to a good start in the this new Rebirth continuity, at least beefcake-wise! In Batman: Rebirth #1, we see a scantily clad & sweaty Bruce wait doing pull ups using the Wayne Tower helipad. Holy fanservice, Batman!


Midnight Jake said...

Found this to be...well aside from nice to look at, but from a STORY perspective I'm looking and thinking, "Bruce stopped giving a fuck about the secret identity a LONG time ago. Might as well wear a button that says 'I'm Batman!'

Fábio Alves said...

I don't usually read the stories of Batman (only Dick Grayson and Poison Ivy), but that pictures are going to make me read Batman Rebirth!

Oh, I love that artist! He made delicious issues of Grayson (like the picture at the top of your blog).

Jay Pandesal said...

@Midnight Jake, yeah the he might as well have a bat symbol on those short shorts of his. Oh wait... http://shirtless-superheroes.blogspot.com/2016/06/batman-in-bat-underwear.html

@Fabio, Yeah, Mikel Janin is awesome.I love how DC seems to be giving him projects in which the male leads are always shirtless. :)


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