September 4, 2014

New Teen Titans' Sexy Laundry Day

My first commissioned art by the talented Mitch Ballard! 

I wanted a fun & sexy piece featuring my favorite Titan couples from the New Teen Titans era. Preferably with them half naked:) the guys would be shirtless while the girls wear their shirts. Mitch came up with the wonderful concept of them doing laundry. He even added Gar & Vic

Characters featured: Wonder Girl/Troia (Donna Troy), Speedy/Red Arrow (Roy Harper), Robin/Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Raven, Kid Flash (Wally West). Beast Boy/Changeling (Garfield Logan) & Cyborg (Victor Stone). 


César Hernández-Meraz said...

Changeling with his shirt on?

Being the only hairy guy on the team, you would think he would join in to add variety.

Shirtless Pandesal said...

Yeah, I may have made a mistake by leaving him out of all the fun, but I wanted a piece which features Titan couples so shirtless Gar wouldn't have fit the theme, unless you add Terra to the mix. But I hate Terra, so she had no place in this. lol.

Miguel Angel said...

can you tell me how can upload pictures, or send them to a moderator here?

Shirtless Pandesal said...

Hi Miguel, you can email pics to Thanks!


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