February 16, 2011

Dick Grayson's Shirtless Gymanstics

I love Batman: the Animated Series, no self-respecting comic book nerd doesn't. One of my favorite scenes ever featured a shirtless Dick Grayson doing gymnastics! I read somewhere that Robin was added as regular character in the series to appeal to girls. And with fan servicy scenes like this, I have to say, mission accomplished!

Edit: these caps are from the episode called, "The Lion & The Unicorn".



DGFan said...

I had number 8 as my cell background for a while ;3 Yum.

I loved how he was.... Cheering himself on? (what a dork) That was a great episode.

Anonymous said...

That's very cute, but I forget which episode it was.

Our favourite little acrobat was also chained up, stripped to the waist in the episode "Bane" and ends up wrestling underwater with Bane's female assistant.

pandesal said...

@DGFan, I love that you had this in your cell, that's precious! And I agree, his cheering himself on is adorkable!

@icon-uk, why am I not surprised that you'd be the one to bring up that "Robin the Boy Hostage" scenario? lol When I was a kid, I actually bought a VHS tape of the Bane episode. It was such a turn on for me! I'm gonna be capping that soon.

These particular caps are from "The Lion and the Unicorn".


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