February 6, 2011

Robin, The Boy Hostage

Icon_UK sent it these amazing scans featuring the Boy Wonder in bondage! I have no words to describe the sheer hotness of these art! I've been fan of Icon_UK's commissions  for a while now and I'd like to thank him for sharing these with us. So if you are a Dick Grayson fan, a bondage fan or hell, if you have a pulse, you  should visit his Comic Art Fans Gallery of Awesomeness by clicking here!

by Mitch Ballard

By the Great George Perez(!)

By Sanna U


Anonymous said...

Heh, honoured to be featured amongst such illustrious company! :)

pandesal said...

The honor's all mine. You're like a scans_daily legend, man! :D

Anonymous said...

Are you on scans_daily too? You should showcase some of your collected images yourself! :)

pandesal said...

I'm not really a member of scans_daily, I just lurk so that I can be up to date on the comic book scene and occasionally to check if theren are any new shirtless eye candy to post on the blog.


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