February 19, 2011

Superboy Training Shirtless

Screen captures from the latest episode of the Young Justice animated series called "Denial". Superboy spars with Aqualad, shirtless! And the Superboy Estrogen Brigade (also known as Miss Martian & Artemis) are there in the sidelines to enjoy it! I love that Superboy has in-show fangirls in the form of his female teammates. They were playing it cool, but I think the girls appreciated that The Boy of Steel was bare-chested, I'm sure the real life fangirls (and fanboys) did!

Edited 05-17-11 Replaced all images with higher resolution screen caps.


Anonymous said...

you know I'd have thought Robin would have been there to cheer Conner on .

pandesal said...

Unfortunately, Dick is not in the episode at all! I missed him and his prefix-based jokes.


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