February 5, 2011

Dick in the Shower (Again!)

I can't enough of Dick Grayson! I'm sure I'm not the only fan who appreciates the blatant fan service. I mean, our boy is always taking showers. Or cooling himself off with a hose. Not to mention the countless shirtless scenes he's been in. You gotta love that! So thanks DC, for giving us what we want.

These scans from New Titans #118 were sent by Wolfie (Roy Harper Fan, exrtraordinaire). It features the Hunk Wonder getting out of bed and - you guessed it - taking a shower.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving me "Dick in the shower". ;)

pandesal said...

Lol, I know, it's punny. And I'd like to thank DC, the writers & the artists who constantly give us Dick Grayson fanservice!


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