February 22, 2011

Steel & Batman

The following scans are from Catwoman Year Two. Special thanks to Deseo Designs for sharing these scans with us!

First up, we have an ad for Steel, in which a bare-chested John Henry Irons forges a metallic "S" shield.

And here we have 2 scans from the issue proper in which Bruce Wayne gets out of the shower and gets out of bed, In both cases, Alfred is there to hand him his towel/robe. I guess seeing Master Bruce in different states of undress is just one of he perks of being the Bat-Butler.


Hushicho said...

There was also a really nice young Bruce shower scene in the Poison Ivy: Year One annual drawn by the talented Brian Apthorp. It was Shadow of the Bat Annual 3...you might quite like it! The art is stunning and young Bruce is rrrowr!

pandesal said...

Thanks, Hushicho. I agree, Bruce looked scrumptious in Poison Ivy: Year One. I believe this is the scene you are referring to: http://shirtless-superheroes.blogspot.com/2007/07/batman-showers-again.html

I think there are more panels of naked Bruce from that issue that I failed to post. I'll have to check it out again.


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