January 19, 2008

Robin, Superboy and Underwear

Vespa331 shares with us a couple of underwear related scans involving DC's young heroes: Robin and Superboy!

According to her:
Tim Drake in boxers! I can't believe I forgot about this page before, shame on me! Too bad this artist made Tim's eyes brown, but he's still a cutie. Curse his stepmom for interrupting the striptease! It's from Robin: 80-page Giant #1.

Superboy surrounded by boys in jockstraps! This is from the Superboy & Risk Doubleshot. Kon has gone undercover at a highschool as a dork. Apparently in this school dorks get underwear thrown on them by near-naked hot guys. I would've enjoyed being a dork much more if my school was like that...

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