June 16, 2011

A Distant Hotness

More "A Distant Soil" scans courtesy of Icon_UK. According to him:

All-American-Blond Jason attacks the topless Seren, and Seren's lover, the flying pyrokinetic cutie D'Mer comes to his rescue wearing several yards of bandaging, a cloak, some scars (not sure if they're tribal scars or something like gills, part of his physiology) and a fetching snarl.

Things are further confused by the arrival of the Hierarchy, THE powerbrokers in the Ovanan Hierarchy. They are selfish, cruel, petty, malevolent, vain, sadistic and decadent beyond all description, and those are their GOOD points.

One of them is D'Mer's real owner, a particularly unpleasant specimen of sadist (and consider the competition) called Lord Emeris, who I think currently holds the record of "wearing the apparent least amount of clothing of any man in comic books history", the fiery-shadow bit you see on his right side... yup, that's the entirty of his clothing, it's more like a tattoo that wants to be clothing when it grows up!


DAN said...

Hmmm, I expected this series to be all in color, but being an independent publication I guess being monochromatic saves publishing costs.

Anonymous said...

It started in black and white but was reprinted in colour albums. Alas those are much harder to scan and I don't have a complete set of them.


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