April 30, 2011

Superboy Clothing Damage

I love me some Conner Kent beefcake! These scans featuring a clothing damaged Superboy are from the milestone issue that is Action Comics #900. These scans were brought to you by Brooklyn.


DAN said...

I love it too, but what's the point of half a shirt, just draw him completely shirtless in a situation like this. Less IS more after all... :)

pandesal said...

I kinda like the "costume in tatters" look. I wish his costume would get damaged in every fight he's in since it's really just a regular black t-shirt. My only complaint is that his nipples seem to be missing!

Fábio Alves said...

Conner is my favorite Titan (especially with Tim--OMG, I ship TimKon forever!).

Thanks for bringing us these images.

Jay Pandesal said...

I already posted these links on the other Kon comment you made but just in case you missed them, enjoy!:




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