April 22, 2011

Injured Cannonball

Warning: Rob Liefeld scans ahead. 

Now that the we got the obligatory Liefeld joke out of the way, here are some scans from X-Force Vol. 1 #2 in which Sam Gurthie aka Cannonball is recuperating after suffering some injury. Needless to say he's shirtless. I love that X-Force is so beefcake heavy.


DAN said...

Liefeld's body and facial proportions are just too off kilter and weird to me, although they don't look quite as bad this early in his career. His Captain America was the worst though.

pandesal said...

OMG, your right! His Cap is an abomination! But I agree that his early stuff ain't so bad. He did a good job on the Hawk & Dove miniseries back in the 80's.


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