April 22, 2011

Hot Daredevil Commisions

Time for some Matt Murdock eye candy! Daredevil mega-fan & comic book beefcake connoisseur Craig kindly shares with us these awesome commissioned pencils featuring the man without fear! You can view Craig's awesome Comic Art Fan gallery here or you can visit Wednesday Heroes for all your commissioned art needs.

Matt naked in the shower! Pencils by Jerry Bingham.

"A Friend In Deed" by Geof Isherwood


DAN said...

Awesome! I've always found Matt to be one of the consistently hottest characters. By the way, Pandesal, have tried reading any DD yet and did you like it?

pandesal said...

Yeah, these are awesome commissions!

Unfortunately, I haven't started reading DD yet. Actually, I have a backlog of issue to catch up on. I've been very busy lately. But I swear I'll check out DD soon! =)

Arion said...

Really amazing commissions .

pandesal said...

Yes they are. And I'll post some more in the next scheduled update. We have Craig to thank for sharing the beefcake with us!


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