April 22, 2011

Mystic & Negation

I must admit, I have very limited knowledge of Mystic & Nagation, hence the lack of scans from those defunct Crossgen books. Thankfully, Terry sent us these scans from both titles!

A hunk offering his services in the "Tantric Cathedral" from Mystic #15.

Some man cleavage from Negation #15.

Some gender-bending shape-shifting from Negation #26.

Beefcake from Negation #25.


DAN said...

LOVE that first panel! LOL, I definitely would NOT be shy enough to turn down an offer like that! How unrealistic is that? Some super hot hunk offers to "service" her in any way and the dumb chick says "no."

pandesal said...

lol! Maybe she had some important stuff to attend to in the meeting. She should have said, "I'm busy right now, I'll call you later, man whore!" =)

Ravenix said...

I was a huge fan of Mystic. The running gag concerning the Tantric Guild was that just about everything their members said was a double entendre and it was always taken the wrong way. Also their guild members were all very fond of showing lots of skin.

Negation 26 is one of the few I read of that title and it caused a bit of controversy. People getting their heads ripped off or sliced in half, no problem, but show a little PG sex and everyone goes wiggy!

DAN said...

With Marvel bringing CrossGen titles back, they need to do a humorous Tantric Guild Mini-series for their adult oriented Max imprint, with the right writer and artist I'm thinking it would be pretty hilarious and hot!


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