April 30, 2011

Shirtless Cypher & Naked Captain Britain

There has been much discussion of Captain Britain, Cypher and even Psylocke in a recent post, so I'm happy to bring you some scans featuring all three in the same issue! In various states of undress! In New Mutants Annual #2 pencilled by Alan Davis (who seems to include members of the Braddock family in anything he does), a blind, pre-ninja, pre-asian Betsy Braddock has been kidnapped by Mojo, and like all characters that have been kidnapped by that bloated bastard, she was forced to star in her own (reality) tv show. 

Naturally, her brother Brian aka Captain Britain tries to rescue her, unfortunately he runs into Template who de-ages the hunky brit, and that's when Doug & Warlock find a naked boy-aged Brian. But Cap isn't the only piece of beefcake in this issue, Doug gives the boy part of his costume and spends the rest of the issue shirtless! I'm sure that there was much squeeing for this double dose of beefcake back in the day. There's even some cheescake in the form of a naked Betsy!

Aw, I love the hug in the end!

And here's some hoyay featuring BFFs Doug & Warlock. "Those bums'll never be the same"! Context is for the weak!


Anonymous said...

Sigh... Doug was definitely one New Mutant it would have been worth waiting a few years for (Heck, even Psylocke thought so and she wasn't so sure about waiting until he was legal... which is a plot I'm rather glad that never got taken any further, Kitty/Piotr was already creepy enough) and being drawn by Alan Davis never hurt anyone, Cypher's adorable here!

pandesal said...

Yeah, I like that Doug actually looks like a teenager here. Most of the time, artists draw teenagers like Chippendale dancers. Kudos to Alan Davis.

So, how do you feel about Cypher's recent resurrection? They seem to have aged him up a bit, which makes no sense since he died as a teen.

Anonymous said...

He was brought back via magic and TO virus, so I can work around the aging thing. I even sort of like his expanded powers.

What I miss is his... ordinariness, his function as a benchmark for weirdness.

I want to know things like; Has he told his parents he's alive again (He never told them he was even a mutant and they think he died in an accident). Have he and Kitty said hi? He and Rahne even? I'd love there to be a "Welcome back" party for him!

DAN said...

Everyone looks so cute here, and I love the really sweet friendship between Warlock & Doug. Also mini Brian is super adorable and the naked gag with Betsy is still priceless & hilarious, love how Warlock helps her out too, LOL, oh that naively naughty techno-organism! ;)

César Hernández-Meraz said...

Now you see where I got the fan-art scene from, LOL.

Doug was (is) certainly a cutie.

The hug with older Brian (with the smile in Doug's face) is so great. I always loved that pic.

Anonymous said...

Doug and Lock have been a theme in my art and commissions collection for a few years now and I've had some great results. This was the first piece of art I ever purchased, and this is the most recent (and perhaps most adorable one of them! :)

Arion said...

It's amazing but I always thought I was the only Douglas Ramsey fan. Good to know I'm not alone.

And by the way, I'm putting together all the Thor Hollywood variant covers in my blog, so you are all welcome to check those and try to guess which movie has inspired the variants.


pandesal said...

@icon-uk, I never even thought of Doug's parents. I'd like to see a story arc where they find out he's alive and he'll finally "come out" and tell them he's a mutie. And of course I'd like to see a Doug/Rahne reunion! Maybe they can actually have a relationship now. I don't really think he should hook up with Kitty anymore,she has enough problems with her angst-tastic relationship with Piotr.

@DAN, I like how Warlock basically wrapped himself all over BETSY'S NAKED BODY! lol I also find Doug and Warlock's friendship adorable. So bromantic!

@César, I love the hug too because it managed to be sweet and sexy at the same time. Sweet because Brian is hugging Doug who he barely knows because he's grateful that he helped rescue Betsy, sexy because it features a hunky man hugging a shirtless teenager! I can see how this issue inspired your fanart.

@icon-uk, those are some great commissions! I especially love the newest one. I'm gonna try to find as many old New Mutants issues as I can to read about the Doug/Warlock bromance.

@Arion, I'm also pleasantly surprised that Doug has gotten such a great response here. It seems that Marvel did the right thing in resurrecting him. I'll check out your blog to see what exactly the "Thor Hollywood " variant covers are. =)

César Hernández-Meraz said...

@Icon: I love your collection, and I had not seen the Saint Seiya pic. It's absolutely awesome!

@Arion: Of course you are not alone. Doug is loved by many, as well he should.

@Pan: Your blog is also a source of inspiration (too bad I didn't have enough free time these past years). I guess there should be some more new shirtless fan-art pics coming from me sometime soon. I hope.

Anonymous said...

@César - Thank you! I always imagined Doug as being a manga fan, and he'd ever need to wait for translations (I'm sure Logan could have been talked into picking him up a few issues whenever he was in Japan! :) )

César Hernández-Meraz said...

@Icon: Doug is a geek in all languages. He could also read Belgian comics along with those manga. He would do all things "cool" kids thought were dumb (like taking ballet classes, for instance, without being forced as part of his education, like some other X-Men and New Mutants I know.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Doug did take ballet along with the other New Mutants, Stevie Hunter taught ALL the NM's in her dance classes.

Part of what made Doug such a fun character was that he was geeky in ways comics fans tended to be at the time, into computer games and computers, a little shy, loved reading etc

On the other hand look at his track record with the ladies; Kitty, Cyndi (one of Legions female personalities), Betsy, Marie-Ange and Jenny (sort of) AND Rahne (though that one never worked for me, Louise Simonson making Doug a LOT more of a social misfit than he'd ever been and randomly putting him and Rahne into a romance). That's better than Sunspot has managed before or since put together! :)

César Hernández-Meraz said...

@Icon: Doug was a student at Stevie's before knowing the guys were mutants, wasn't he? If so, the others went because they had to, but he went because he liked it (or he liked being with Kitty).

Arion said...

After so many years of absence, I feel weird reading about "resurrected" Doug . Maybe that's why I haven't followed the current New Mutants series.

pandesal said...

@César, wow, didn't know Doug was such a ladies man!

@Arion, from what I've heard (and from what César said in a previous comment), the current New Mutants book is pretty good. The team is composed mostly of the original roster, its as if the Liefeld's X-Force never happened! Heh.


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