July 31, 2008

Exiles: Thunderbird & Mimic

Time for some alternate reality hunkiness. Jharen shares with us some scans from the pages of the Exiles

Thuderbird in a loincloth.

Mimic looking hot.


Edie Britt said...

Wow! Mimic is so hot!!!!!!!!!!

Eric said...

Mimic has always been one of my favorites.

timemonkey said...

Hi, this blog is a lot of fun.

Have you posted pages from Alpha Flight where the women go to a bachelorett party and Aurora ends up in jail and calls her brother to bail her out and he's standing there in his underwear listening to the messgage (and then thinks she's kidding and goes to bed).

pandesal said...

I think the Exile's Mimic is much hotter than the regular Earth-616 version.

timemonkey, thanks for the tip about Northstar's skinnage! I'm ashamed to say that this blog only features one Northstar scan as of now, (but it's a good one, its from a Marvel Swimsuit Special).

timemonkey said...

Glad to help.

There's also the time Purple Man's daughter took control of Northstar's mind, made him take her to an island, strip down and go swimming with her.


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