July 10, 2008

Aquaman & Hal Jordan

Hare area couple of scans featuring two of DC comics most recognizable heroes wearing some pretty weird costumes. Special thanks to Spike for sharing these with us.

First up, Aquaman accessorizes with a funky helmet.

And next, we have the Green Lantern known as Hal Jordan looking all demonic and sitting on a throne (probably a dream sequence) .


steverm said...

Yes yes yes! Nipples that prominent, smooth, dark, and large? EVIL!


SallyP said...

Oh Hal. You just had so much darned FUN being Parallax

pandesal said...

Thanks for putting this scan in context Sally! Barely clothed Hal with large nipples = Parallax.

mrfuzzynutz856@yahoo.com said...

I hate to be a Uber geek. BUT...That is not Hal. That is Alan Scott when he clled himself Sentinel
Yes this was a dream sequence as well

. I know for a few reasons...
This is taken from a Green Lantern Quarterly issue that I read becuse it had a wicked Jim Balent cover on it.

Second, hardcore GL fans like myself will tell you that the emblem is shped diffrently then Hal's


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