July 3, 2008

Li'l Lobos & Impulse

Here are some scans featuring Young Justice veterans Li'l Lobo and Impulse. I know they're young but they're just drawings! I don't have to feel guilty for posting these.

'hese scans are brought to you by Vespa331.

According to her:
Here we have hundreds of Lil Lobos, who regenerated from his blood, running around on (I think) Apokolips. I think they stole the few bits of clothing from Parademons they killed? Anyways, this was the origin of Slobo. :) Ok, he wasn't a Teen Titan, but Young Justice is almost the same thing.

And here we have the elusive shirtless Impulse! He looks so very young that it's a little dirty, but shirtless Bart is a rare and precious thing and should not be wasted.

1 comment:

steverm said...

On real boys and men, poochie puffy large 12-year-old-girl nipples are usually a sign of steriod use!!

Poor Impulse! No wonder he keeps his shirt on!!


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