July 8, 2014

Superman: Shirtless & Injured

In the Justice League Episode, "The Terror Beyond ,Part 1", Superman, Wonder Woman & Hawkgirl battle a massive sea-creature that actually manages to wound Superman! The trio head to Atlantis for some answers & after their meeting with Aquaman et al., Supes changes his shirt. (Couldn't you have done that before meeting the Atlantian Royal Family, Clark? Not that I'm complaining, love me some kryptonian beefcake).

Special thanks to The K for these screencaps! Please check out his awesome tumblr Bad Situation, it's about superheroes in peril!

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PeruAlonso1 said...

If you decide to make a new post, here's my suggestion.

Ben 10: Alien Force - Trade-Off

Kevin is seen in his black briefs after he and Darkstar are cured.

Here's the link:



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