August 4, 2007

Superheroes in Undies

Some assorted Marvel heroes in underwear. Thanks to Dermie for the contribution. (Italicized text are from Dermie's email message.)

First up is the new Ant-Man from Irredeemable Ant-Man #5. Eric is still learning how to use his ant-man armor at this point, and is surprised to find it disappeared when he grew back to full size.

In Defenders #46, Nighthawk relaxes after a stressful
day by taking a bath.


Sidious said...

I love the Ant-Man scan!
He's Ant-Naked! XD

You should really cheack out the latest post on my blog.
I think you might find it interesting. ^_^

Doug said...

This blog is amazing!
I haven't seen this issue with Nighthawk in da tub since I was like ten years old. My comic is long gone but I never forgot these sexy frames.
Thanks for publishing!


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