August 5, 2007

Mary Jane & Peter Parker

Mary Jane & Peter Parker from SPIDER-MAN #24.

Edit: this post has been modified. I mistakenly reffered to the guy as Mr. Immortal, well I was wrong, its everybody's favorite webcrawler. Thanks to Dermie for the scans & the corrections.


Anonymous said...

I think that's Peter Parker, actually. That or Mary Jane's sleeping around... ;) Anyway, that's not Mr. Immortal. Did you get a couple pics mixed up?

Love the blog, by the way!

pandesal said...

Glad you like the Blog! And your right there was a mix up. These scans were sent in by Dermie and I must confess I don't know who Mr. Immortal is, so I mistakenly posted a Peter Parker pic instead. But I fixed that now.


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