August 11, 2007

Ultimate Spider-Man

More Spidey scans from Sidious(link), this time it's the Ultimate version of Peter Parker. Thanks to Sidious for the scans and the lovely descriptions:

From Ultimate Spider-Man # 6. Peter Parker has just finished inventing his web formula and web shooters. So he's celebrating by dancing and hanging upside down in his tight briefs, much to the enjoyment of we the readers! XD - Sidious

from Ultimate Spider-Man #35. Spidey has just realized how dangerous the black suit is and is struggling to get it off. He throws himself into some power lines which causes the suit to come off him, leaving behind a very hurt and very naked Peter Parker. He lands in front of his parents and Uncle Ben's graves, but that took away from the enjoyment of the spidey-nudity, so I edited out the grave stone. :P -Sidious

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