June 22, 2008

Aric of Dacia in X-O Database

The X-O Database entry for Aric of Dacia features our favorite time displaced Visigoth barbarian in nothing but a brief/jockstrap hybrid! Special thanks to Get X for sharing this with us.


steverm said...

This is a very sexy photograph but definitely wins this month's award for the most uneven nipples! The left and right nips are placed on different positions on the pec meat! This happens in real life but not very often: I just think it's an example of an artist who has not seen many athletic men with their shirts off! (I could be wrong, though...)

pandesal said...

You're right! I didn't even notice that. But I must say, I like the detail on the nipples. Some artists just draw ovals, these look like areolas and they're even colored differently.


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