October 7, 2007


Eliott sent in these scans of Gen13's resident stud, Grunge. I love the upskirt-like angle of the second one! Thanks again, Elliot.

Edit: The scans are from #65. Thanks to soup for the info!


Croup said...

Grunge is such a fucking stud! Ogling him was the sole reason I used to read Gen13. I remember one issue he had a contest with another sexy guy involving them both stuffing ferrets down their pants. That issue had a nice ass shot of him also, if I recall. :3

pandesal said...

Yep, Grunge was good eye candy. Do you, by any chance, remember the issue number of ferret contest?

Soup said...

Hmmm, cheking through my stack, it seems to be #65 (I have the issue leading up to it). I wish I still had that issue, or I'd just scan it in myself. The relevant panels should also be in the trade paperback "Superhuman Like You".

Soup said...

ACTUALLY, HAHAH, with a little research, I found some scane of the scene online.


Check out the last page here. ;]

Gives new meaning to "buns of steel".

pandesal said...

Thanks for the info and the research, soup!

That last panel was high-larious!


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