October 3, 2007

Batman Beef

Bat-beefcake overload! Here are four awesome Batman scans courtesy of Vespa331. Context is weak, bitches!*

*Actually I like context, does anyone know where these scans are from?

Bruce changing right in front of Tim! Nice ass ;)

Playing with a choo-choo? That Alfred is such a killjoy.
Diniverse sexiness.


rachel said...

Yeah, sorry I don't know the issues, those are from Scans_Daily. I'm sorry to say that when I was first saving stuff off S_D I didn't note the comic, and of course that Batman tag is impossible to go back through. I do have more of the Favorite Things comic up here http://vespa331.livejournal.com/321162.html and I now see that I'm dumb, I forgot that the page before had a frontal shirtless Bruce!

I've also been trying to find another Batman comic that I think might have been called Desire. It was silent, and had each of the Batfamily gazing longingly at what they wanted most - I think Alfred was looking at a theater or play, Tim was looking at a car, Dick was looking at a circus, Babs was looking at Dick, Bruce was looking at Catwoman... Sound familiar? Damn you massive S_D tag!

pandesal said...

It's okay Rachel, you don't need to wade though all the scans at S_D. We can just appreciate the eye candy without knowing where it is form. As a phrase I learned from S_D says: context is for the weak.

When you said that one of the pages had a "frontal" of Bruce I got all excited! Finally we'll see Batman's dangly bits! It took me a while to realize you meant a barechested shot from the front. :P

I'm not familiar with "Desire". I'll ask one of the other contributors if he has it.

Anonymous said...

The scan is from Legends of the Dark Knight #24 - Part 1 of 3 called Flyer. If you want to read it just post back and I will send the scans.

Anonymous said...


It was in Batman 80 page giant # 1 from 1998 by Devin Grayson. I read that last month very good. If you want a copy I will email it just post back.

pandesal said...

Thanks for the info, anonymous reader! I really appreciate it, and I'm sure rachel does too.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that's a nice shot of his ass.

Thanks for the train pic . . . yet more evidence that Batman could be an aspie - http://lastcrazyhorn2.wordpress.com/

Anonymous said...

The last one is from Gotham Adventures #21 by Tim Levins.


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