October 2, 2007

Robin Fighting Shirtless!

You may have noticed that they're are a little bit more Marvel posts here than there are DC. That is unintentional, I assure you.

But have no fear, its DC fangirls to the rescue! Through the combined efforts of Vespa331 & Naughty Pixie, here are some awesome Tim Drake scans!

These are from Robin #140, Robin has been invited to join a military team. He spars with them as they discuss military history. I'm so glad he took off his shirt!

From the cover of Robin #141, (though he's not actually shirtless in the issue itself. I hate it when then tease us like that!)

Edited to correct Naughty Pixie's link.


Stephen Rader said...

Yeah for DC Fangirls!!! Great scans!!

Poison Ivy said...

YES! Tim Fanservice!!!! :D


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