October 22, 2007

Kyle Rayner Freed From Parallax

In Green Lantern V4 #24, Parallax is exorcised from Kyle's body, leaving the Green Lantern stud naked.

Here's a little panel that shows Guy Gardner generating some pants for Kyle. I find it interesting that he didn't give him a shirt or shoes or anything else, I guess even Guy knows that showing off as much of Kyle's skin as possible is a good thing ;)


steverm said...

Excellent pose. VERY realistic hint of the left nipple without any detail, which is very tricky to do right. VERY few artists would disturb the arc of a pectoral muscle with a VERY realistic puff of nipple outline like this one. BRAVO.

pandesal said...

Ivan Reiss is the artist, I agree that the "puff" of the nipples are great, however the nipples themselves are not very detailed. But I still think he draws sexy men (and women too).

Check out his depiction of a bare-chested Superboy and Superman here. Bravo indeed!

steverm said...


Great catch.

Sexy as hell, no doubt!


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